FAQs and membership application form

What sort of club is London Phoenix?
We have around 150 members and we ride Sportives across the UK and Europe, and also compete in road, track, mountain bike and cyclocross events. Basically if you want to enjoy cycling as a sport, we’re the club for you.

What standard should I be to join?
You don’t need to be super fit but as a rule of thumb you should be comfortable riding at a reasonably fast pace and without stopping for a minimum of 80km (50 miles) on the road, or 30km (20m) off-road. You should also be keen to try out racing, or to compete in longer distance endurance events. If you’re completely new to cycling, or prefer more leisurely rides with regular stops, we’re probably not for you and we recommend instead you try the CTC or look for a club near you that caters for social riders using the club finder tool on the British Cycling website.

Where are you based?
We are a web-based club covering all of London. Our online forum is one of the main ways we share information and make arrangements for rides, races and social events. We also meet up at a pub each month.

Where do you race and ride?
For social, club or training rides n the road we go to the Chilterns, Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent or Surrey. For mountain biking, we ride in Epping Forest, the North or South Downs (via train to a start point). We go to races and events across the UK and in France, Italy or Belgium. Members who want to ride at weekends simply post to the forum and invite others to join them, and we have two regular training rides at the Inner Circle in Regents Park during the week.

Who organises rides?
The success of London Phoenix depends on all the members contributing to the organisation of events, inviting others to races and sharing information about events and rides we are going to do. In other words, you are expected to let others know about the rides and races you are doing and not just rely on someone else organising a ride.

How is the club organised?
Our club officials and other members meet monthly and hold an annual general meeting each autumn, and use the forum for day to day contact. Our constitution has full details.

How do I join?
Read the information and frequently asked questions on the website and if you think it is the club for you, fill out the application form Please allow a few days for a response because we work full time and are often out racing or riding.

Can I come and meet/ride with you before committing to joining?
Once you have completed the application form the membership secretary will advise you of any social rides or meetings coming up. Or come and meet us at the races and events featured in our calendar.

Page last updated: 5 November 2008