So after warnings of “severe muddy conditions” and “single speed recommend” it was with some trepidation for most riders that MSG round 1 at Hintlesham Suffolk kick off in a tricky conditions 4km lap.  Straight from the start a long slippery slope down the field had riders sliding their way into the woods and sloppy single track.  Most riders took the first lap carefully, with the field strung out but the leaders in sight for most of the lap.  Six inches of sticky mud at the bottom of the course pungently perfumed by wild Garlic had riders pushing and carrying bikes back up to the Start/Finish, clearing sticky mud from drive trains and wheels as they went, whilst the same shoes carried more mud that got deeper with every lap!

Five/Four punishing laps and 90 minutes later the race was done, with many riders unable to move far from the finish line without a short rest, such was the effort.   An interesting start to the year with people finishing out of position to shake up the MSG league table a bit, lets hope that’s the worst it gets as we move to round 2 in April…

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  1. Steve Hanks says:

    Warning – the above picture was the driest section of the course, and lap 1! 🙂

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