On 30th June LP provided two “Pairs” entries to this 12 hour MTB endurance event,starting  at  midday and ending  at  midnight.   Richy  Poynter and Neil  Macintosh entered in the Male class, and Steve Hanks and Sim Dagger (honorary member) entered as Vets.  12 hour pairs is tough – each rider rides 1 or two laps at XC “race pace” – basically Z5/6 or max HR, then hands the “baton” to their partner who does the same – and repeat for 12 hours!   Both teams will have completed 5-6 XC short course races, about 50-60km in the space of twelve hours, a massive achievement in itself.  The course was relatively flat,  with fantastic flowing singletrack and some doubletrack sections fantastically placed for opportune overtaking.  And although it started damp, is soon dried under the many wheels to see both teams complete the 13km lap in 40-50 minutes depending on strategy.  But  the end, four extremely tired riders all  riding their  first 12hr pairs event both shared  3rd place  podiums  in  their  respective  classes,  an  excellent  achievement!

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