Come On Our Intro Ride

New Member Information

Thinking of joining our club? You’re invited to our new member ride. Our new member rides are on the 2nd Saturday of every month. It’s important that you email us prior to attending (please don’t just show up because we schedule the rides based on demand). Feel free to visit our Facebook Group and check out our Strava Club and ask any question there.

Intro Ride Details

London Phoenix Regular Rides

Saturday, North London, 08:30 AM
Steady pace. 50-60km. Leaving from outside Boots in Whetstone – Location

Sunday Early, North London, 07.00AM / 07:30 AM
Check the LP Members Forum as departure time varies
Very fast pace. 80-100km. Leaving from outside the Bald Faced Stag in East Finchley – Location

Sunday Later, North London, 08:30 AM
Steady pace. 80-100km. Leaving from outside Boots in Whetstone – Location

Saturday/Sunday, South London, Departing From Richmond Park or Cadence
Steady pace & face pace.. Please check the LP Members Forum (Members Only) for more details.

Winter Chaingang, Tuesday & Thursday 18:30 (NOT during Spring / Summer)
Steady pace & fast pace. Regents Park on the Inner Circle (by the tennis courts) –Location

Spring/Summer Tuesday & Thursday 18.30: North London Run With Hills or the Summer Fixie Route (Depends Upon Group Preference)
Fast pace. 50km. Leaving from outside the Bald Faced Stag in East Finchley – Location

Weekday Regents Park Morning Laps
Steady pace. Please check the LP Members Forum for more details.

Disclaimer: Prices and information subject to change without notice.


So you found us, and now you want to know more?

Well, lets start at the beginning. We’re a friendly cycling club who enjoys our time off the bike as much as time on it!

We’d prefer it if you were comfortable for 50km (30miles) on the road give or take a little bit we don’t judge! We all started somewhere and we all know that once you start riding in a group life becomes much easier. Its funny how following someone makes you ride faster than you’ve ever ridden before. Its what a club is for 🙂

So what kind of riding do you guys do?

Our male and female members do everything and anything within the sport. If you don’t find someone on the road, they are likely to be offroad riding mountain bikes, throwing a cyclocross bike around a field or in the woods, some guys go round in circles at the velodrome (Yes, we do have regular sessions available at the Lee Valley Velopark so you can pretend you’re at the Olympic games!)

Not everyone is a road rider! And we welcome anyone who wants to bring something new to the party. Want to ride BMX? Then please do, I can assure you that if you suggest it someone else will join you!

What kind of riders do you have?

Lots of people race, but not everyone. We genuinely are all encompassing and want you to celebrate riding a bike.

We have members who have joined and not wanting to race, who are now racing at national and in some exceptional cases international level. We support everyone in whatever endeavours they want. Be it riding a sportive, racing in Europe or just trying out a different version of cycling you’ve never done before.

We have a wealth of knowledge, from home mechanics, to UCI commissioners. Need a wheel built? Someone can do that for you. Need to have your TT bike position checked for UCI requirements, we have someone who can do it. Want advice on what bike to buy? Someone has probably ridden it before so ask away!

Ok, you’re comfortable with the idea of riding in a group and riding a little bit of distance how can you do this with London Phoenix?

We have lots of regular rides on which we would be delighted to welcome you on, for you to meet some members and chat about bikes, life, and everything in between all whilst enjoying the lovely English countryside.

The best ride to see what the club is about is our Saturday morning ride at 830am from Whetstone (Outside Boots N20 9HS). It’s a social paced ride of around 50km where no one is left behind and it always culminates in coffee and cake in the café in Whetstone. However, we obviously also ride in Regents Park, Essex, Surrey, in fact we ride everywhere! Just last year we rode in France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, and Israel to name a few. So please ask if you’re not based in North London and our membership sec can point you towards the right ride!

Alternatively, we have a monthly induction ride in Regents Park on a Saturday morning for an hour or so. The first one is 7th May 2016 and then the 2nd Saturday of the month throughout the summer, please email us using our contact form to let us know you want to come!

Oh, but I can’t make Saturday morning for a few weeks. Are there any other rides going on?

Yes, we have social chat laps in regents park on Friday mornings at 6am with coffee after! Please get involved!

6am!? That’s too early and I live too far from Whetstone…

No, problem we have lots of other rides going on. Drop the membership secretary an email and see what else is going on and they can suggest other rides to go on. Maybe if you’re lucky enough they themselves will meet you for a ride to really chew your ear off on all things cycling and life!

Excellent, I’ve been on a social ride from Boots and really enjoyed it, whats next?

Its time to get more involved, contact the membership secretary here so that they can give you guest access to our forum so you can see more events, rides and social meetings that are going on. Please get involved! Please go on some other rides and meet some more people. Come to a club meeting, come to a pub session. Lets go ride off road!

This is brilliant, you guys are awesome. How do I join? How much? And what are the benefits?

  • We use riderhq to manage our membership please ask for the joinup link
  • It costs £30 a year for membership.
  • You get access to the club forum with your own login rather than a guest login so you can start getting your own identity within the club
  • You can buy our awesome and attractive club kit
  • You get to represent one of the best clubs in London